Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to hire a complete set of 13 or 14 copies if we have only a small book club?
No. BookTalk will supply the number of copies you require and only charge you for those copies.

How long can we keep the books?
The normal period is a maximum of five weeks but we make allowances for clubs outside the metropolitan area and can extend the loan period up to eight weeks if this is negotiated in advance. Obviously we like to get our books back as soon as possible so that they can be made available to other groups.

How much does it cost?
The cost of hire is $5.00 per copy. This charge includes the Notes for Reading Groups.

Do we have to pay postage/freight?
For all clubs, BookTalk meets the cost of freight out and the club is responsible for return freight. We provide the books in a box suitable to return the books in, along with packing instructions and a return label.

Do we have to book the titles in advance?
Yes. If you book in advance, BookTalk can guarantee that the books will be available when you want them. If you cannot book in advance then you need to give us a selection of titles from which to choose a title or titles which have not been reserved for other clubs.

Do we have to sign up for a particular period?
No. We want the opportunity to convince you that we can provide a service that will meet your needs. We suggest that you give us a trial for three or four titles and see how it goes. There is no ongoing commitment. If you wish to continue then we recommend that you book titles for the next four or five months and then take it from there. You may stop at any time, just let us know.

Is there an annual membership fee?
No. You only pay for the books that you order.



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